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Intermodal Transport


Subsidies provided for investments in intermodal transport. The implemented activities will focus on road and rail terminals located on the TEN-T network as well as on the purchase of specialized rolling stock for intermodal transport.

Call for proposals planned for Q3 2023


  • Construction or reconstruction of intermodal terminal infrastructure, in the field of road infrastructure, railway sidings or railway lines that serve to connect intermodal terminals with the road network or railway network.
  • Purchase or modernization of equipment necessary to operate intermodal terminals.
  • Purchase or modernization and implementation of IT systems necessary to operate intermodal terminals as well as telematics and satellite systems related to intermodal transport.
  • Purchase of new or used and modernized zero-emission rolling stock used exclusively for intermodal transport - if the entrepreneur is not an entity providing rolling stock.
  • Purchase of new zero-emission rolling stock used exclusively for intermodal transport - if the entrepreneur is an entity providing rolling stock.


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Eligibility of costs
o Under the KPO, only the purchase of new or used and modernized zero-emission rolling stock used exclusively for intermodal transport is possible, and if the entrepreneur is an entity providing rolling stock, the purchase of only new zero-emission rolling stock used only for intermodal transport.
o Zero-emission rolling stock is electric or hydrogen rolling stock. Hybrid rolling stock is allowed, i.e. using other zero-emission solutions in addition to electricity.
o Only zero-emission rolling stock, without diesel access modules, may be supported under the KPO.
o Within eligible costs, it is possible to purchase intermodal loading units, with the exception of containers. The costs of purchasing containers will be non-eligible costs.
o Eligible costs may include car parks used exclusively for parking vehicles used for intermodal transport and technical facilities for servicing these vehicles.
o Under the KPO, the purchase of intermodal semi-trailers used exclusively for intermodal transport may constitute an eligible cost.
o Eligible costs include the purchase or modernization and implementation of IT systems necessary to operate intermodal terminals as well as telematics and satellite systems related to intermodal transport. Depending on the planned activities, they may be part of a project related to the support of the terminal or the purchase of rolling stock. The systems can be used for intermodal transport and can also handle unsupported rolling stock.
o Under the KPO, all facilities located within the TEN-T network in accordance with the list of road and rail terminals in Annex II to Regulation (EU) 1315/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council may apply for support under the KPO, understood as a location within of the city mentioned in the above annex or in the area of the poviat bordering this city.
o Wagons must be registered in Poland. At the project settlement stage, the Beneficiary will be required to present documents (accounting evidence) as well as the necessary approvals and certificates enabling the operation of the purchased rolling stock.
o Intermodal rolling stock units must comply with the DNSH principle (e.g. silent brakes, zero emissions) and with the Global System of Mobile Communications (for locomotives).

Cost eligibility period and incentive effect

o Expenses and costs incurred by the entrepreneur in the period from the date of receipt of a positive opinion by Application for state aid (WoUPP) to 30 June 2026 may be considered eligible.
o The end of the KPO eligibility period is June 2026.
o The incentive effect is generally met when the applicant has started work after submitting the application to the national authorities and the national authorities' initial confirmation of the project's eligibility for support.
o Concluding a framework agreement before obtaining a positive opinion from WoUPP constitutes a violation of the incentive effect.

o Due to the lack of detailed guidelines on the eligibility of expenditure under the KPO, the provisions of law generally applicable as at the date of initiation of the procedure should be applied, and it is recommended to use the Guidelines on the eligibility of expenditure for 2021-2027. In accordance with point 1) Section 3.2.3. Guidelines on the eligibility of expenditure for 2021-2027, for contracts awarded under projects under the 2021-2027 perspective, all offers should be submitted via the BK2021.1 application.

Additional requirements

o The condition for obtaining the aid is the obligation that the rolling stock covered by the aid will be used only for intermodal transport starting or ending on the territory of the Republic of Poland or passing through the territory of the Republic of Poland.
o A terminal at an industrial plant may apply for support, but an entrepreneur providing terminal services may receive aid if it undertakes to provide access on transparent, equal and non-discriminatory terms to the terminal services covered by the project to all entities interested in using these services. In addition, the subject of the project covered by the aid must be used exclusively for the purposes of intermodal transport.

o As part of the call for projects for investments in the field of intermodal transport under the KPO, there is no minimum value of eligible costs for projects applying for support.

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