• You don't have time and knowledge to plan and carry out the investment ?
  • Are you looking for a company that will do it for you ?
  • Are you terrified of the procedures related to the implementation of the project ?
  • Are you afraid that your competition will overtake you ?
  • Would you like to make better decisions ?
  • You don't have time or knowledge how to organize and control your company's finances ?
  • Chaos in your company's finances leads to stressful situations ? 


- We will save your time for planning and implementation of the investment

- We will organize, supervise and report its course

- We will help you obtain financing

- We will represent your company in financial institutions

- We will help you in the selection of contractors/suppliers

- We will coordinate the processes of their selection and implementation of contracts

- We will manage the budget and financial liquidity of the investment

- We will prepare a schedule for the implementation of the investment and a business plan

- We will build a model that will help you make better decisions

- We will help you implement your company's financial strategy




  • Assistance in obtaining financing for investments and representation in financial institutions
  • Assistance in planning investments in such a way as to optimally manage the budget and financial liquidity (drawing up a schedule for the implementation of the investment and a business plan)
  • Estimation of capital expenditures (also the service of coordinating the course of investments, including the selection of contractors and suppliers)
  • Estimation of the costs of operation of the project together with the need for net working capital in a given period
  • Estimating revenues and assessing the profitability of the planned investment - e.g. NPV, IRR, ROS, ROE, ROI, other
  • Determination of break-even thresholds for your products and services - BEP
  • Building a financial model that will help you make optimal decisions
  • Creation of forecasts - Profit and Loss Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Balance Sheet - taking into account previously estimated revenues, costs, net working capital, credit, leasing or tax liabilities in a given analysis period
  • Building and assisting in the implementation of your company's financial strategy


  • Preparation of documents necessary to apply for financing (business plan, application, feasibility study, other required)
  • Client representation in a financing institution, including a bank
  • Other investment support services



  • Organizing the Finance Department for you or supporting it and supervising it as an external entity
  • Assessment whether the company's budget is spent optimally and according to plan
  • Checking which areas of the company generate high costs and whether it is justified
  • Indication of problem areas
  • Indication of how to optimally manage the company's liquidity
  • Optimizing the method of managing the company's net working capital
  • Preparation of independent reports and financial analyzes to answer the questions of whether the company is heading in the right direction, what is its condition and what needs to be modified
  • Preparation of comprehensive application documentation for EU applications or other financial institutions in order to obtain funding
  • Representing your company in financial institutions
  • Other



  • Investors intending to carry out an investment in Poland
  • Companies from the SME sector that intend to implement investments, but do not have time to deal with it
  • Companies from the SME sector, including foreign entities, that need external support in financial management and control of spending funds and assessment of sales profitability


We are a trustworthy consulting company that has been dealing with the subject of investments and related financial aspects since 2007. We provide professional services supporting companies and other entities at every stage of their development.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to effectively plan and carry out the investment and monitor its effects in the long term, including in financial terms.

Many years of experience in projects from various industries translates into huge amounts of knowledge that we are able to pass on as part of the project planned by your company.

We are punctual and reliable, which is confirmed by our references and a long list of served clients.

We have completed over 600 investment projects in various industries and business models, taking into account financial and economic aspects. The variety of projects we have completed allows us to professionally support your company as well.

Our goal is to professionally support entities intending to implement investments in Poland. Thanks to the acquired knowledge and 17 years of experience of our team, we are able to quickly and efficiently carry out the entire investment process, from planning, to searching for suitable properties, through the process of construction or purchase of real estate, and quickly and efficiently select contractors (including construction) and optimal suppliers solutions.

We offer extensive support for management boards of companies in financial matters.

So far, we have completed over 600 projects and obtained over 1.9 billion PLN from the EU funds


  • We will save your time and your company's employees
  • We will plan the investment in such a way as to maintain an optimal level of cash at all times
  • We will advise you on how to maintain adequate financial liquidity and maximize your company's profits
  • We will lead and coordinate the investment and supervise its timely course
  • We will monitor the spending of funds as planned within the defined budget on an ongoing basis and react accordingly
  • We will help you keep your company's finances in order
  • We will prepare analyzes and credible financial reports thanks to which problem areas will be identified and further development directions will be set
  • We will help you obtain financing
  • We will ensure cooperation with banks and other financial entities, which will improve the functioning of your company
  • We will provide financial knowledge that your accountants do not have
  • We offer other support in the financial area according to your needs

Nie zostawaj z tyłu, Wybierz doświadczony zespół BIZNES-ANIMATOR
Don't stay behind, choose an experienced BIZNES-ANIMATOR team
  • Over 600 completed projects
  • 1.9 billion funds raised
  • 17 years on the market
  • A rich portfolio of projects
  • Nice and professional service
  • Punctuality