• 17 years of experience in obtaining funding
  • Over 1.9 billion PLN of funds raised for our clients
  • We respect your time - we are punctual


  • We offer the service of preparing a professional business plan, which will be created based on many years of experience of the BIZNES-ANIMATOR team
  • We will prepare a full financial analysis of the project (including Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows, Financial profitability ratios, Profitability, BEP, etc.)
  • The implementation of over 600 projects by our team guarantees that the business plan will be prepared professionally

For what purpose ?

We prepare business plans for the purpose of applying for:

  • A bank loan, including a technological loan
  • A loan, e.g. under the JESSICA2 Initiative (Wielkopolskie and Mazowieckie Voivodships)
  • Investor >> (read more)
  • EU grants
  • For the internal needs of companies

What do we offer and what industries do we serve ?

  • Each business plan prepared by BIZNES-ANIMATOR is created individually according to your needs.
  • The business plans we develop can be made based on the guidelines of the entity for which it is prepared, or with universal content accepted by most banks/Investors.
  • Each business plan has an extensive financial analysis >> including Profit and Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, NPV, IRR and other financial ratios.
  • We support you in the process of applying for a loan or financing from other sources. Our analysts will help to advise on the optimization of investments in financial terms in order to increase the chances of obtaining financing.
  • We create business plans for both large and small companies located both in Poland and abroad.

We support companies and projects operating in various industries, including::

  • highly innovative technologies
  • modern machine parks - industrial sector
  • installations for processing plastic waste
  • projects in the field of hydrogen economy
  • biogas plants
  • development industry
  • construction and rental of commercial real estate, including large office buildings
  • hospitality
  • transport industry, including intermodal transport
  • RES - renewable energy sources
  • integrated transport and intralogistics systems
  • R&D (R&D)
  • Other

A good business plan is one of the most important factors contributing to the success of many companies. Each company should have a business plan to know in what direction it should develop, what its micro and macro environment is like. The financial part of the business plan allows you to see whether a given project will be profitable in the future and whether the company will have no problems with financial liquidity.



  • You will increase the chance of increasing the company's profits
  • You will gain additional capital enabling you to continue investing in development
  • Your competition will not overtake you
  • 17 years of experience of our team and the implementation of over 600 projects will allow you to choose the best solutions for your company, thanks to which you will save time
  • Support of a solid and timely team


  • We will check the chances of obtaining funding (loans, loans, subsidies and others) and we will direct the project in the light of the evaluation criteria
  • We will prepare an application for co-financing together with a financial model
  • We will prepare a business plan according to the guidelines of the Institution (bank, etc.)
  • We will help in obtaining bank financing
  • We will support your company's project at the stage of assessment by the Institution
  • We will prepare documents for the co-financing agreement
  • We will help in the implementation of the investment
  • We will settle your project
  • We will support you during the audit of the subsidy project

Thanks to the documentation we created, our clients have already received over 1.9 billion PLN from EU funds


  • Grants for innovations

Agricultural Subsidies

Technology Credit

Co-financing to repay the loan

We will support your company on its way to success

How can we help ?

We offer you a comprehensive service related to the acquisition and settlement of funds from European funds, including:
  • A realistic assessment of the possibility of obtaining subsidies from the European Union funds
  • Advice on choosing the right program and other sources of funding
  • Preparation of full competition documentation including an application for co-financing, a business plan or an investment feasibility study
  • Substantive control when completing the competition documentation (including documents related to environmental protection, building permits, etc.)
  • Assistance in completing other required documents, i.e. opinion on innovation, research agenda, incentive effect, etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining external sources of financing (including the preparation of loan applications and business plans for the needs of lending/leasing institutions)
  • Representation of the client before Intermediary Bodies at the stage of preparation of competition documentation, evaluation of documentation (including participation in the panel of experts), preparation of documents for the co-financing agreement, as well as the stage of project settlement
  • Settlement of the subsidy received in accordance with its objectives
  • Assistance in submitting a payment application (for an advance payment, intermediate and final payment)
  • Assistance in the preparation of reporting applications
  • Assistance in preparing documents for project control

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  • Over 600 completed projects
  • 1.9 billion PLN funds raised
  • 17 years on the market
  • A rich portfolio of projects
  • Nice and professional service
  • Punctuality