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Part 1) Investments in hydrogen technologies, production, storage and transport of hydrogen

a) Construction of low-emission/renewable hydrogen generation capacity
from 01/01/2024 to 28/02/2024

b) Construction of hydrogen infrastructure
from March 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024

c) Industrial use of renewable or low-emission hydrogen to decarbonise the process
from March 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024

Part 2) Support for IPCEI Hydrogen projects    

from 01/01/2024 until stocks last

Part 3) Support for projects related to innovative hydrogen-powered transport units  

  from 01/01/2024 to 28/02/2024


Entrepreneurs within the meaning of the Act of March 6, 2018, as amended died Law of entrepreneurs (i.e.: Journal of Laws of 2021, item 162), who have their registered office or branch in the territory of the Republic of Poland.

Types of projects - types of investments

The program is dedicated to investments in hydrogen technologies and associated infrastructure. Projects involving generation, storage, low-emission transport systems, including renewable hydrogen using the transmission and distribution network, and then using it as a final product (transport, industry, heating and professional, industrial and distributed energy in electricity generation systems) and as a substrate in industrial processes, including hydrogen energy storage, for the production of synthetic fuels and energy carriers.

Categories of projects to be implemented:

a) Construction of low-emission/renewable hydrogen generation capacity, e.g.:
- construction of installations producing renewable hydrogen;
- construction of installations producing low-emission hydrogen;
The investment may include only elements directly related to the implemented technology, e.g. renewable energy installation, electrolyser, hydrogen buffer storage subsystem, hydrogen production installation, dedicated hydrogen transmission/distribution infrastructure, on-site storage, hydrogen refueling stations with generation capacity.

b) Construction of hydrogen infrastructure, e.g.:
- construction, extension and modernization of transmission and distribution networks for the transport of hydrogen,
- construction of hydrogen storage facilities with technical infrastructure enabling its storage and injection.
The investment may include only elements directly related to the implemented technology, e.g. hydrogen transmission infrastructure, underground storage facilities, storage of liquefied or other hydrogen, including regasification and depressurization, conversion of gas infrastructure into hydrogen infrastructure.

c) Industrial use of renewable or low-emission hydrogen to reduce the carbon footprint of the process, e.g.:
- use of hydrogen in energy-intensive processes,
- use of hydrogen to produce electricity and heat,
- use of hydrogen as a substrate in chemical processes (e.g. ammonia production).

The investment may include only elements directly related to the implemented technology, e.g. hydrogen storage facilities, equipment, machines for the implementation of industrial production processes using renewable or low-emission hydrogen (it is necessary to ensure that only renewable or low-emission hydrogen is used throughout the entire investment life cycle).

Forms of co-financing

1) subsidy
2) a loan

Co-financing intensity

1) co-financing in the form of subsidies in accordance with the maximum intensity of public aid indicated in the relevant regulation specifying the detailed conditions for granting support;
2) co-financing in the form of a loan: up to the difference between the value of eligible costs and the amount of co-financing in the form of a subsidy granted for the project;
3) for projects implemented in the "project finance" formula, there is a requirement of the Applicant's own funds of at least 15% of the eligible costs of the project (provided that own funds do not include: bank loans, bond issues, owner loans, loans granted by other entities etc.), contributed in the form of a share of the share capital covered by a cash contribution;
4) in a situation where the co-financing does not constitute state aid, the co-financing intensity
– up to 85% of eligible costs, with the proviso that the amount of support granted in the form of a subsidy for a single project may not exceed 40% of the call for proposals budget.

Funding conditions

1) minimum value of eligible costs: PLN 10 million;
2) loan amount: up to PLN 300 million.

The condition for launching recruitment under the Zero Emission Energy System Program Hydrogenization of the economy is the availability of funds under the National Reconstruction Plan.



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    • We will check the chances of obtaining funding for your company
    • We prepare an application for co-financing together with a financial model
    • We will prepare a feasibility study along with a financial analysis according to the Institution's guidelines
    • We will help in obtaining bank financing (if applicable)
    • We will support your company's project at the stage of assessment by the Institution
    • We will prepare documents for the co-financing agreement
    • We will help in the implementation of the investment
    • We will settle your project
    • We will support you during the audit of the subsidy project

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    How can we help ?

    We offer you a comprehensive service related to the acquisition and settlement of funds from European funds, including:
    • A realistic assessment of the possibility of obtaining subsidies from the European Union funds
    • Advice on choosing the right program and other sources of funding
    • Preparation of full competition documentation including an application for co-financing, a business plan or an investment feasibility study
    • Substantive control when completing the competition documentation (including documents related to environmental protection, building permits, etc.)
    • Assistance in completing other required documents, i.e. opinion on innovation, research agenda, incentive effect, etc.
    • Assistance in obtaining external sources of financing (including the preparation of loan applications and business plans for the needs of lending/leasing institutions)
    • Representation of the client before Intermediary Bodies at the stage of preparation of competition documentation, evaluation of documentation (including participation in the panel of experts), preparation of documents for the co-financing agreement, as well as the stage of project settlement
    • Settlement of the subsidy received in accordance with its objectives
    • Assistance in submitting a payment application (for an advance payment, intermediate and final payment)
    • Assistance in the preparation of reporting applications
    • Assistance in preparing documents for project control

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