• 17 years of experience
  • Over 600 completed projects
  • Almost 2 billion PLN of funds raised
  • Professionalism in action
  • Constant contact with the client
  • Support at every stage
  • Timeliness and reliability

R&D Subsidies


Grants for innovations


Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Subsidies 

Intermodal transport

Technology Credit

Co-financing to repay the loan


Other subsidies



We will support your company on its way to success

How can we help ?

We offer you a comprehensive service related to the acquisition and settlement of funds from European funds, including:
  • A realistic assessment of the possibility of obtaining subsidies from the European Union funds
  • Advice on choosing the right program and other sources of funding
  • Preparation of full competition documentation including an application for co-financing, a business plan or an investment feasibility study
  • Substantive control when completing the competition documentation (including documents related to environmental protection, building permits, etc.)
  • Assistance in completing other required documents, i.e. opinion on innovation, research agenda, incentive effect, etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining external sources of financing (including the preparation of loan applications and business plans for the needs of lending/leasing institutions)
  • Representation of the client before Intermediary Bodies at the stage of preparation of competition documentation, evaluation of documentation (including participation in the panel of experts), preparation of documents for the co-financing agreement, as well as the stage of project settlement
  • Settlement of the subsidy received in accordance with its objectives
  • Assistance in submitting a payment application (for an advance payment, intermediate and final payment)
  • Assistance in the preparation of reporting applications
  • Assistance in preparing documents for project control

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  • Over 600 completed projects
  • 1.9 billion PLN funds raised
  • 17 years on the market
  • A rich portfolio of projects
  • Nice and professional service
  • Punctuality