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  • Over 1.9 billion PLN of funds raised for our clients
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We invite you to use the services of BIZNES-ANIMATOR in the field of financial analytics and business valuation. Our team consists of financial analysts with many years of experience in the implementation of financial and economic analyzes for projects from various industries. We serve both large and small companies and public institutions.

Financial analysis for a credit or loan

We prepare financial projections (also as part of a business plan) for the purpose of applying for a bank loan or investment loan. Our analysts support you at the stage of verification of the analysis/business plan by the bank during the entire process of applying for financing. We prepare financial forecasts for any period according to your expectations. We have experience in financing in various sectors of the economy. Our models are highly rated by bank analysts thanks to long-term cooperation with many financial institutions.

We have over 17 years of experience in financial analysis in various industries, including:
  • development industry and construction of cubature facilities
  • construction of office and service spaces
  • construction of halls and commercial and industrial parks
  • advanced technological installations
  • RES installations (renewable energy sources),
  • waste recycling installations (e.g. for processing plastics),
  • automated transport / intralogistics systems,
  • construction of hotel, sports and entertainment facilities,
  • agricultural industry
  • transport
  • other

 Financial analysis for the EU subsidy

We prepare a financial analysis for the purpose of applying for an Investor according to your expectations. We help in the process of obtaining sources of investment financing. We have experience in many industries, thanks to which we can handle any analysis.

In our long-term cooperation, we have completed a number of projects for Investment Funds, also as subcontractors.

We offer investors more comprehensive solutions in the field of analysis of planned investment projects.

Financial analysis for the EU subsidy

We prepare financial and economic analyzes as part of an application, business plan or investment feasibility study (along with an economic analysis - CBA cost-benefit analysis). We have a high efficiency in obtaining EU funds, reaching over 90%. The largest single financing obtained by our company amounts to 160 million PLN. Since the beginning of our company's operations, we have obtained financing in the amount of over 1.9 billion PLN.

Financial analysis supporting decision-making processes in the company

BIZNES-ANIMATOR prepares financial analyzes for:

  - assessment of the company's financial condition based on historical data in order to minimize the risk associated with the selection of inappropriate contractors; The financial analysis will give an answer whether the potential contractor is in a good or bad financial condition and therefore whether there may be problems in the future, e.g. with the repayment of liabilities towards your company

  - assessment of the financial effectiveness of the planned investment project on the basis of financial forecasts; The financial analysis will answer the question whether the planned project will be financially profitable, what net profit the company can generate with given revenue/cost assumptions. Will the company have liquidity problems or will it have excess funds? Will the company have to take out additional credits and loans, will it have funds to carry out investments in the future and in what amounts, taking into account current liabilities, the level of receivables or inventories. Is it possible to improve the management of Net Working Capital (liabilities, receivables, inventories)?

We prepare financial projections of the Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statements for any period in any terms (monthly, quarterly, annual).

  - assessment and selection of the optimal investment variant on the basis of investment profitability ratios in the analyzed period. At your request, we will also prepare a multi-criteria analysis of the considered investment variants.

What does a standard financial analysis include ?

Standard financial analysis includes:
1. Profit and Loss Account (Income Statement)
2. Balance sheet (financial forecast for any number of periods)
3. Cash Flow Statement
4. Ratio analysis of profitability (ROS, ROA, ROE, ROI)
5. Ratio analysis of liquidity
6. Ratio analysis of debt
7. Valuation of investment profitability: Method of discounted net benefits from investment (NPV), Internal rate of return on investment (IRR),
8. BEP break-even point
9. Du Pont analysis
10. Program Evaluation and Control Method (PERT) and CPM analysis
11. Construction of decision graphs
12. Valuation of goodwill using the DCF method
13. Cost-benefit analysis (ENPV, B/C and ERR)

Business Valuation - Valuation of enterprises (companies)

Valuation of an enterprise (company) consists in determining the value of the enterprise (value of assets) in monetary units using valuation methods. Valuation may include securities (shares, bonds, options), entire enterprises, as well as intangible assets, e.g. patents, trademarks.

Valuation can be carried out, among others, for the purposes of:

  • buying and selling,
  • arrangement, bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings,
  • merger or division of enterprises,
  • civil law proceedings,
  • tax,
  • credit worthiness verification.



  • You will increase the chance of increasing the company's profits (we have experience in preparing financial analyzes for loans, credits and subsidies)
  • You will gain additional capital enabling you to continue investing in development
  • Your competition will not overtake you
  • 17 years of experience of our team and the implementation of over 600 projects will allow you to choose the best solutions for your company, thanks to which you will save time

    Entrust the project to an experienced team -
    our analyzes are credible and reliable, thanks to which you increase your chance of obtaining


    • We will check the chances of obtaining funding for your company
    • We prepare an application for co-financing together with a financial model
    • We will prepare a feasibility study along with a financial analysis according to the Institution's guidelines
    • We will help in obtaining bank financing (if applicable)
    • We will support your company's project at the stage of assessment by the Institution
    • We will prepare documents for the co-financing agreement
    • We will help in the implementation of the investment
    • We will settle your project
    • We will support you during the audit of the subsidy project

    Thanks to the documentation we developed, our clients have already received over 1.9 billion PLN from EU funds


    • Grants for innovations

    Agricultural subsidies

    Technology Credit

    Co-financing to repay the loan

    We will support your company on its way to success

    How can we help ?

    We offer you a comprehensive service related to the acquisition and settlement of funds from European funds, including:
    • A realistic assessment of the possibility of obtaining subsidies from the European Union funds
    • Advice on choosing the right program and other sources of funding
    • Preparation of full competition documentation including an application for co-financing, a business plan or an investment feasibility study
    • Substantive control when completing the competition documentation (including documents related to environmental protection, building permits, etc.)
    • Assistance in completing other required documents, i.e. opinion on innovation, research agenda, incentive effect, etc.
    • Assistance in obtaining external sources of financing (including the preparation of loan applications and business plans for the needs of lending/leasing institutions)
    • Representation of the client before Intermediary Bodies at the stage of preparation of competition documentation, evaluation of documentation (including participation in the panel of experts), preparation of documents for the co-financing agreement, as well as the stage of project settlement
    • Settlement of the subsidy received in accordance with its objectives
    • Assistance in submitting a payment application (for an advance payment, intermediate and final payment)
    • Assistance in the preparation of reporting applications
    • Assistance in preparing documents for project control

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    • 1.9 billion PLN funds raised
    • 17 years on the market
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