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Industries of the future

The healthy food market in Poland is still in the early stages of development and is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years. Healthy food is already sold in the majority of discount stores and supermarkets in Poland and more and more often appears in local stores. Access to healthy food is becoming easier, but the prices of such food are about 30-40% higher.
About 15% of Poles buy healthy food, at least from time to time, and most often these are people with food intolerances, vegans, vegetarians, as well as pregnant women and young mothers. Consumers pay more and more attention to the quality of food products and six out of ten Poles declare that they are ready to pay more for a healthy product.
Prospects for the development of the healthy food industry are favorable, as the demand for healthy food is growing. The awareness of the Polish consumer has changed and continues to change, while the supply of certified products is constantly increasing, and as a result, the prices of organic products are falling.

CBD market
The CBD market covers a whole range of products, including oils for humans and animals, dried herbs and even cosmetics and food containing CBD. The CBD market in Europe is projected to be worth USD 3.1 billion by 2025. CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) is hemp oil, obtained from hemp flowers, which is a medicinal product that has a calming and anti-anxiety effect and helps in falling asleep. CBD oil fights inflammation, supports the body's immunity, helps in the case of allergies, and also relieves pain of various origins. CBD oil does not have psychoactive properties, does not cause hallucinations or is addictive. The hemp from which CBD oil is made comes from controlled crops. You need a permit to grow crops. In addition, they are regularly tested. In Poland, hemp has been bred for years. Mainly seeds and fibers are obtained from them, which are used e.g. in the automotive, construction, textile and paper industries.
CBD oils are obtained from both flowers and hemp seeds. Hemp seeds are considered superfoods, with numerous nutritional and health-promoting properties and do not show medicinal values, as in the case of CBD oil.
The largest market for CBD-containing products is currently the United States, and in Europe Germany and Great Britain. In Poland, the number of producers and sellers of CBD products is increasing. The Polish hemp market already has an 8% share in the European market and will continue to grow, as CBD products have become a permanent fixture in the minds of domestic consumers.

Chemical and pharmaceutical market
Pharmaceutical concerns are willing to invest in Poland due to the labor costs as well as the high level of education of employees, their flexibility and willingness to look for new solutions. The Polish pharmaceutical sector leads among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in terms of expenditure on R&D. Pharmaceutical companies continue to invest in expanding their teams in the country, and the demand for specialists in the field of quality, control, systems and validation is growing. In Poland, there is also a great demand for new employees in the field of clinical trials.
Huge progress in the pharmaceutical sector is enabled by technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, blockchain and others. They are used from the supply chain, through production processes, research and development, to patient services. Pharmaceutical companies rely on technology, which increases their innovation.

TSL industry
The TSL industry includes three sectors such as transport, forwarding and logistics, which are closely related to each other. In Poland, the TSL industry is a sector with high development potential. In recent years, there has been a dynamic development of the industry, resulting in particular from the attractive location of the country. Poland is a country with access to the sea, has communication routes connecting Eastern and Western Europe, and rich resources that encourage global companies to invest in this region. The condition of the TSL industry here in Poland depends on the situation in trade and industry as well as fluctuations in the general economic situation, however, the current condition of the industry is favorable due to the influx of logistics operations from other parts of the world.

Medical technologies
The medical technology industry is a dynamically developing healthcare sector. Continuous technological progress makes it possible to improve medical devices to increase the effectiveness of prevention, simplify the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Technological solutions will make it possible to search for information, compare it, prepare descriptions of performed diagnostic tests and make a precise diagnosis. It is predicted that the digitization of health care is a vision of an ever closer future and in 2025, over 80% of healthcare professionals will have to efficiently deal with new technologies, and the use of various types of applications will be everyday for every doctor.

Our clients have already received almost 2 billion PLN from EU funds

(for which we have obtained financing)

  • "Expansion of production and warehouse hall in Zabrze" - ESTRA Automotive Systems Poland
  • "New route of national road No. 21 in Słupsk"
  • "Construction of the southern bypass of the city of Zielona Góra along the national road"
  • "Construction of a publicly accessible intermodal container terminal with infrastructure in Kąty Wrocławskie"
  • "Construction of a publicly accessible intermodal container terminal with infrastructure in Kąty Wrocławskie (2nd STAGE)"
  • "Reconstruction of the viaduct over the PKP line with access roads at km 55+779 of road No. 94 in Okmiany"
  • "Reconstruction of the communication system along the provincial road No. 655 in the city of Suwałki - stage IV (reconstruction of a fragment of Leśna Street from Krakowska Street to W. Polskiego Street, along with the construction of a section from W. Polskiego Street to Utrata Street)"
  • "Development of sustainable public transport by improving energy efficiency, implementing low-emission technology in Włocławek as part of the BIT - CITY II project - stage II"
  • "Increasing the production of renewable energy by installing photovoltaic panels in the Aquapark in Suwałki"
  • "Improvement of the quality of the public transport system in the city of Suwałki - stage III"
  • “Poznań Metropolitan Railway. Integration nodes - construction of a system of functional transfer points. Construction of an integrated Wargowo interchange and expansion of the Oborniki Miasto interchange
  • "Construction of the Concert Music Education Center with accompanying infrastructure - didactic part" - Complex of State Music Schools for them F. Chopin in Warsaw
  • A number of development projects consisting in the construction of single and multi-family housing estates in various buildings.
  • Construction of the Drzeńsko wind farm
  • "Installation of micro-installations of renewable energy sources in the Communes: Kwidzyn, Sadlinki, Ryjewo, Gardeja"
  • "Establishment of the Laboratory for Synthesis Processes of Modern and Ecological Auxiliaries for various industries"
  • "Expansion of the Regional Laboratory of Industrial Chemistry at ICSO in Kędzierzyn-Koźle"
  • "Construction of the Plastics Research Center at ICSO "Blachownia" in Kędzierzyn-Koźle
  • Research Center for 3D Printing and Composite Materials at the Center for Advanced Technologies of the Adam Mickiewicz University",
  • "WCZT 2.0 - Center for additive technologies and biomedical engineering - STAGE I",
  • "Construction of a production plant with a proprietary line for the production of an innovative composite from polyethylene waste of agricultural and packaging origin", Program "Support for Innovations Conducive to Resource-Efficient and Low-Emission
  • and many others

(for which we have obtained financing)

  • Implementation of the production of an innovative soot-mineral filler as a derivative of tire recycling - Construction of the plant"
  • "Revitalization of the City of Zielona Góra"
  • "Construction of the southern bypass of the city of Zielona Góra along the national road"
  • “Poznań Metropolitan Railway. Integration nodes - construction of a system of functional transfer points. Construction of an integrated Wargowo interchange and expansion of the Oborniki Miasto interchange
  • "Construction of a sanitary sewage system in Smętowo Graniczne - Centrum"
  • "Increasing the tourist and cultural potential of the city through the construction of the Eastern Warta Boulevard in Gorzów Wielkopolski - stage III"
  • "The Cultural Center "Browar B." – adaptation to new social and economic functions of post-industrial facilities in Włocławek, ul. Bechego-Łęgska”
  • "Implementation of the results of R&D works - an innovative prefabricated reinforced concrete transformer station"
  • "Purchase of molds - production stations enabling the production of a series of types of transformer station buildings" - Construction of a production hall and purchase of a machine park
  • "Construction of a hotel wing with conference and SPA facilities and related underground garages"
  • "Technical strengthening of the Police in terms of improving road safety" - Police Headquarters
  • "Expansion of the Academy of Music in Wrocław - construction of a music and teaching room with infrastructure"
  • "Micro- and nano-systems in chemistry and biomedical diagnostics (MNS-DIAG)"
  • "Revitalization of Xawery Dunikowski Boulevard in Wrocław"
  • "Construction of a new building of the General Primary and Secondary Music School im. Karol Szymanowski in Wrocław”
  • "Silesian Internet Library of Historical Collections"
  • "Research on the genetic improvement of energy grasses of the genus Miscanthus as a source of renewable raw material for bioenergy production"
  • Expansion of the Spatial Information System of the Wrocław Poviat (wroSIP)”
  • "Prefabricated reinforced concrete transformer station - innovative production technology"
  • Construction of an installation for the purification of selectively collected fractions of municipal waste at the Municipal Waste Treatment Plant in Suwałki in Zielone Kamedulskie, ul. Raczkowska 150A,
  • "Expansion (modernization) of the Selective Collection of Municipal Waste Collection Point (PSZOK) with additional equipment at the Municipal Waste Treatment Plant in Suwałki in Zielone Kamedulskie, ul. Raczkowska”
  • "Expansion by Nenufar Club of the "Pirate Village" Recreation Park with catering and accommodation infrastructure along with other innovative attractions"
  • "Building inter-operational e-services for public registers of the city of Poznań based on geodetic and cartographic resources"
  • "Spatial Information System for the Gorzów Poviat"
  • "Construction of beach access and "Construction of playgrounds" - Ustronie Morskie